“The King of Empty Promises”


Funny.  Because it hits home.  It’s timeless.

We’ve all been in this situation before: we loan something to a family member, friend, or coworker and we expect it back in a timely fashion.

But so often it isn’t returned when agreed upon.  Even though the loaned item may be a small thing —  a book, a movie — the unwritten social contract between the two parties isn’t.  When people don’t deliver on their promises or obligations, it erodes integrity.  Trust evaporates.

I’ve got a book loaned out right now to an important person in my life (http://amzn.to/1Ss5uA7).  It’s a book I reference often, and I was supposed to have it back over a week ago.

HA!  “…supposed to…”

I was “supposed to” have a song ready to release two weeks ago.  In fact, I purposely told everyone to expect it at a certain time, in order to force myself to rise to the occasion and knuckle down on it.  Which I did.  I got everything recorded pretty quickly, and was ready to move on to mixing…or so I thought…

While getting prepped to mix, I received an email offering an amazing opportunity — a chance to learn specific mixing techniques from one of the most sought-after mix engineers in the world.

I was conflicted.  I had put my word out there in the universe, and made a promise to deliver.  But I also knew without a doubt that if I passed on this opportunity, I would certainly regret it later.

Because any chance to learn from the greats should be taken.  That’s true in respect to any craft.  Seek out the talented people in your field who are achieving, are respected, and figure out how they did it.  Rather than blindly following trends or listening to those who say “it can’t be done,” look at those who are actually doing it, and whose work will truly stand the test of time.  Learn from them.  To not do so is, in our times, an act of willful ignorance and a failure to honor your best self.

And now, I’m sitting here listening to my song again and again and again, because I can’t get over how exciting it sounds.  The things I learned opened my eyes (ears??) to a different approach for creating a sonic landscape which really makes a production come to life.  I brought the first print home from the studio last night and figured out which tweaks need to be made, so I should be able to send it out for mastering within the next couple of days.

Speaking of mastering…

The full-length album which I shared with you is finally in the hands of my favorite mastering engineer, and I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of the first prints.  🙂

Former UK Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli famously said “Never complain.  Never explain.”  It’s a good reminder to keep your nose to the grindstone, and don’t let circumstances or failures determine your future — no one likes a whiner who makes excuses.  Louis the XIV passed judgement between two parties in his court with a simple “I shall see.”  His decision would be made in private, and only those involved would be made aware of his ruling.

I’m not complaining about anything getting in the way of delivering on my promise, but I am explaining.  Why???  Because I believe in accountability.

In fact, accountability is one of my six core values in what I call…well, you’ve heard of the barter system?  I call it the “MARTIR system”.

After truly examining what I value when it comes to being a professional musician, I found my values include:

– Measurable growth

– Accountability

– Reputation for excellence

– Time

– Intensity

– Respect

So…I’m explaining myself as an act of accountability, because I respect you and I value our time — I’ve been learning with intensity in order to achieve measurable growth and maintain a reputation of excellence.

I’ve promised emails, songs, and albums.  I’m done promising.  The new newness will come when it comes.  I just ask for your trust that I am working to make my music the best it can be, both for me and for you.

Thanks for your patience, both now and in the future.

The best is yet to come…  🙂

Want to hear the album in its unmastered form??  Send an email to blog@therealjohnkay.com and I will hook you up.

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Let he who would move the world first move himself. — Socrates

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