Passion Play

W-h-y. Why.

Such a simple word, but when it comes to creative entrepreneurs, it’s a word we hear a lot.

Why did/don’t you do it that way? Why do you work such crazy hours? Why do you waste your time on something that doesn’t make “real” money? Why don’t you get a “real” job?

The answer is another simple but powerful word: passion.

Passion provides motivation when the going gets tough, when the days are long, and makes obstacles seem smaller and more manageable. It creates focus and determination.

When engaged in an act of passion, one’s spirit is awakened. Nonsense becomes discarded for truth, and new abilities rise to the surface. (Increased self-esteem is a common side effect.)

So when someone asks a creative why they do what they do, it’s because passion is a crucial component of a rich and fulfilling life, and the bedrock of numerous great achievements and works of art throughout history.

Without passion, no one would have seen the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, or Starry Night, or The Thinker, or The Godfather, or Star Wars, or Reservoir Dogs, or the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Without passion, no one would have heard The Four Seasons*, or Canon in D, or Blowin’ In the Wind, or Let’s Stay Together, or Bohemian Rhapsody, or Purple Rain, or Born to Run, or Everybody Hurts, or Rolling In the Deep, or i.

Without passion, the world would never have known of Michelangelo, or Mozart and Beethoven, or Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, or Lucille Ball, or Annie Leibovitz, or Temple Grandin, or Daniel Day-Lewis, or Gordon Ramsay, or Kumi Yamashita, or Leon Bridges, or Tom Brady, or Bernie Sanders.

Without passion, the world would be boring. So…what are you passionate about?

*Antonio Vivaldi, not Frankie Valli.

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Let he who would move the world first move himself. — Socrates

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