Welcome back

Wow.  Almost a year since I’ve written on here.  2014 was a whirlwind touring with Koffin Kats; long tours, Europe, met some amazing people, ate and drank well, learned lots, made new friends, played great music, saw many smiles, had tons of laughs.  Being in the band is a real treat, and I’m really looking forward to our plans for 2015.

I’ll get back to updating more often.  I’ve been kind of slacking in that department, and it’s just because I haven’t made time for it.  That changes.  My plan from here on out is to update once a week.  Updates may be short, or they could be long, insightful and on point, or rambling and the product of inebriation.  Either way, I’ll be after it regularly.  It’s important that we talk.

Things are popping here at home while Koffin Kats take a break to work on new material (and for Eric to get hitched; congratulations!).  The boys are working on shirts and patches, and I’m currently beginning production on a new EP, which will be available as soon as possible.  I’ve already got a couple tunes you can download, and the ones I’m working on now will be up when they’re ready.  Also, I’m getting geared up for the upcoming tour with Reverend Horton Heat in April, and Easter in Las Vegas should be awesome.

More to come later, but for now I’m just here to say “I’m here.”  Talk soon.


P.S. I plan to have my full-length solo album mastered within the next couple of months.  Details on that soon, and you can download the first track from the album here.

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