Vic Victor Chimes in on Koffin Kats Happenings

Vic here… Some of you who stay hip to all things Internet may have noticed that we have had more of an “online presence” in the last month with our associated social media outlets. No, we did not hire an outsider to swarm you with band updates. We just brought on a very enthusiastic new guitar player who showed E-Ball and I the ways of social media and interaction. Interaction…I thought that’s why we tour?!! Either way, we are trying to stay “connected” and keep our friends up to date on what is going on in Koffin Kat land. And boy is there a lot going on at this time!

Before I move on, I would like to thank you all who actually take the time to read this and have helped promote us online. I actually can’t believe the amount of new “likes” we have garnered in the last month. Like 10,000 something!?!? For little ole us?? That’s wild!

Oh yeah, new guitar player. If you missed the announcement a few weeks back, ill give you the short version here. After 4 years with us, Ian has left the band. With respect for his personal life I can only tell you that when family duty calls, you have to step up to the plate. And that’s exactly what Ian has done and we always will wish him the best and in no way can we or should anyone else fault him for that.

Unfortunately his leaving is a permanent thing so we have enlisted a new guitar player. No, it’s not Tommy Koffin. I asked Tommy and he said, “no way, I like cleaning carpets better.” I’m serious! So in an effort to try to bring in someone close to the band and our goofy ways, we have brought in a long time friend of ours. You may not be familiar with him but he has been a “behind the scenes” member of KK since 2007. Working as engineer/producer/slash guitar solo fixer/extra recording vocalist on a good portion of releases. Including the most recent “Born Of The Motor.” (Ever listen to “Chaos” and wonder who that voice that isn’t a usual KK voice is”) Everyone… meet Johnny Kay. He has been busting his ass the last few weeks to get the tour set list down and we are looking forward to the upcoming run which will take us down into Texas and through some of the Mid West! Change is never easy, but from what I’ve seen and heard during our practice sessions, Johnny has been paying close attention to every detail of the old and new songs. Doing his best to emulate the guitar tone and vocals as close to the original recordings as possible.

We really appreciate everyone’s support during this changeover. I know Ian really appreciated the kind words everyone has had for him on his departure. Its killer that Johnny has already been able to see what kind of awesome folks we have that come out to our shows and he is starting to see why when we’re on tour, there’s never a reason to feel lonely. We have great friends in every city and we cant thank you all enough for that!!!

This update is the first of what will become a news bloggy thingy that one of us will contribute to on the first of every month. If you really want to know what were up to week by week and want some better detailed insights to Koffin Kats road life, you can check out Johnny Kay’s blog @

This year is another full year of international touring. We are constantly adding new shows on date’s page on Check out the site from time to time or follow us on you social media drug of choice. Were on all the potent ones. Hah! Alight, that wasn’t that funny. But now I refuse to hit the backspace button that many times.

Hopefully see ya out there somewhere on the road!


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